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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Michael Beckenstein

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"Thank you very much for spending so much time with me in my ongoing effort to solve my problem. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it."
--A.G. October, 2002





"Thank you very much for spending so much time with me in my ongoing effort to solve my problem. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it."
--A.G. October, 2002



"Thank you so much for the new and wonderful me. I am and will be forever grateful for the wonderful job you did. Thank you for your kind personalities and understanding and most of all respect."
--T.I. August, 2002





"Thank you for your support of our event. You offer so much encouragement to so many women. You did more than meet our expectations."
--Parisian Dept Store May, 2002



"... You will always receive my praise in not only being a great doctor but also being a good person with a "big" heart and I will always recommend you to out patients!"
--P.J. April, 2002





"...the dread disease of cancer is something I hope never returns, among all the doctors and staffs, you were the ones who gave the most of your time, spirit, and love and for that I shall always be grateful."
--K.J. March, 2001



"May God continue to bless you and your wonderdul staff. Your kindness will never be forgotten."
--S.M. June, 2002



"Thank you for the excellent care I have received. You are all consumate professionals yet you care about your patients. I am glad I chose you for my procedure."
--A.W. January, 2001





"Thank you for taking so much time during our first visit. Your kindness & understanding were greatly appreciated."
--S.S. June, 2002



"Thanks so much for your fine work and support. You have all been so kind. Hope you enjoy the brownies!"
--D.G. July, 2002



"Thanks so much for the great job. What has impressed me the most has been your kind caring dispositions & bedside manner. These are not acquired traits but God given gifts. I am truly blessed to have made such a wonderful choice."
--K.M. June, 2001



"Thank you for being such a special person and doctor who has aided in my recovery and road back from a nasty ordeal in my life."
--D.M. June, 1999



"You have all been wonderful! Thank you so much for all your assistance, support, and concern. I could not have asked for better care & I appreciate the "commitment" to excellence that you have all shown me."
--P.A. January, 2002



"I want to thank you for coming to our campus and giving such an informative lecture. We have had so many positive comments and we appreciate your dedication to the healthcare family."
--T.F. Wallace State College July, 2002



"I thank God for your talent and kindness. We appreciate everything you've done to help me...not only physically, but emotionally as well."
--P.S. December, 2002



"I'd like to thank you for the care, skill, and concern you gave my daughter. We will be ever grateful to you."
--F.F. June, 2002



"Thanks for taking such good care of me. You are a wonderful doctor."
--S.P. November, 2002



"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for me. I am so happy! They are perfect! I really appreciate how wonderful you all were to my mom and me during my surgery. That made it much easier."
--A.T. December, 2001



"I appreciate your sensitivity to emotional and psychological issues regarding patient's motives for and potential repsonses to surgery."
--A.S. January, 2002



"I am so grateful to you & your staff of nurses."
--D.C. August, 2001



"I want you to know how much I appreciate your caring, concern, and prayers. I am very thankful to have you taking care of me. I'm praying for you, your practice, and family. You are and will continue to be a success."
--D.V. February, 2002



"I am amazed what your skilled hands have done. Your sweet staff is a rare jewel not often found in the healthcare maze."
--K.J. April, 2001



"On a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 14!"
--J.M. April 3, 2003



Top Notch! You guys are great I would not hesistate to recommend you to anyone!
--AB May 15, 2003



Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and doing a great job! God bless you all.
--T.P. May, 2003



You guys are great!
--B.T. May, 2003



...I am 100% better thanks to you,I could not have asked for better doctors than the two of you. I would recommend you to anyone. Again, thank you for everything.
--J.T. May, 2003



We went to UAB and saw the doctors there, we came back for you to do the surgery because of the results you get and your level of care you provide.
--C.S. June, 2003



This was the fourth best thing I did in my life; my marriage, my two children, and my tummy tuck. THANK YOU!!!!!
--J.P. June, 2003



Thanks for the new figure. All of you are very much appreciated!
--K.T. July, 2003



.."you are a wonderful doctor which I think you make a fine example of what a great doctor is.."
--D.J. June, 2004



"I would like to thank you for your kindness, caring and excellent care. You made a trying time a pleasant one instead. Your staff is so sweet and patient."
--J.E. June 2004



Dr B came highly recommended and I will recommend him to anyone who asks for a plastic surgeon!
--M.C. June 2004



Easy to see why this office (Dr & staff) was so highly recommended. I will recommend to anyone..this procedure and Dr. Beckenstein!
--W.J. June 2004



I could not ask for a better office, doctor & staff. Everyone I know will know of this office 7 how wonderful you all are. Thank you so much!
--J.S. May 2004



Thank you for making what could have been a traumatic experience...a very pleasant one. You along with your staff are simply the best. Many many thanks!
--Q.H. July 2004



" I think that you are meeting the goal that you are looking for "EXCELLENT".
--SS October 2004



"Thank you for the compassion and sincerity shown to my daughter. Above all I thank God for your surgical ability to change/help lives."
--DR October 2004



"I could not ask for a better office, doctor and staff. Everyone I know will know of this office and how wonderful you all are. Thank you so Much!"
--JS October 2004



"You are a very unique person and doctor. You are a "cut above" the rest. You care genuinely for your patients and it shows throughout your staff. Nothing is too big or small to give notice and attention to if it is of concern to your patients."
--SC September 2004



"Thank you for the excellent care she has received from you and your staff. We have been made to feel special in every way possible."
--SW October 2004



"It means a lot to find a doctor who is not only knowledgeable, but understanding as well. Thank you for your wonderful care."
--GS September 2004



"Dr. Beckenstein has the best staff ever. I believe the staff works for the best doctor I ever met. God Bless."
--DJ October 2004



"Thank you for all you did for me, it has changed my life in the best way."
--TB October 2004



If I could tell you thank you everyday it would never be enough to say how I really feel.
-- HK-December 2004



"The staff and you have been so wonderful. Thank you for going beyond the "call of duty". May God bless you richly!"
--LB- October 2004



"You guys are so special & so wonderful. I felt totally comfortable even at my first visit. Thank you for you and your medical skills, but thank you more for being the kind of people who care about each patient so much!"
--HM-December 2004



"I hope to go to nursing school and your staff has set a standard that I will use to judge my own performance.Your staff's care went beyond what a patient could have ever wished. You have put together a wonderful team!"
--KH-December 2004



"Thank you for successful surgery, you are the best in my book, and we understand this from the nurses as well."
--S. B. February 2005



"this was the best experience and the outcome was far better than anything I could have hoped for"
--E.S. April, 2005



The entire staff was very pleasant and do a great job of making me feel special whether I'm in the office or on the phone."
--E.S. April, 2005



"Thank you for the wonderful surgery that you performed on .... She's doing fine and looks and feels much better!"
--S.J. April, 2005



"A special thank you to everyone for the excellent care and compassion I have received during this difficult time."
--L.B. March, 2005



"Dr. Beckenstein and staff, God thinks you're special...and so do I."
--L.B. April, 2005



"Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me. I couldn't be more pleased with the results! You are a talented man. I can't tell you how much this means to a woman who's had cancer. You are an angel!"
--L.H. April, 2005



"I just wanted to send you a great big thank you. God has blessed you with healing hands and a compassionate heart."
--C.D. June, 2005



"Thank you SO much for the excellent, professional care. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It has been a pleasure working with everyone in your office."
--S.L. June, 2005



"Thank you for your kindness and compassion. You allowed me to go into surgery with no anxiety and come out of surgery feeling more confident then ever. Thank you for making me more comfortable in my own skin again."
--S.S. July, 2005



"Thank you for loving on me during this season of my life. Your hard work and compassion does not go un-noticed."
--R.R. July, 2005



"Dr. Beckenstein has been my plastic surgeon since my cancer diagnosis of 11-04. I choose to have a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with saline implants. I would highly recommenend Dr. Beckenstein and his wonderful skilled and caring staff to anyone, especially someone needing breast surgery. He is a wonderful surgeon, will take all the time needed to expain the procedures and answer any questions you may have to put your mind at ease. He is also a perfectionist, so you can rest assured that he will take all steps that are necessary for you to have an excellent outcome.
--F. October, 2005



"Thank you for always being prompt and telling me like it is. Thank you for your caring, being patient and making me feel so much better already. I know the best is yet to come"
--JH October, 2005



"Thank you so much for the great care you and your staff have given me. I have the utmost respect for you and your practice"
--S.L. December, 2005



"You are truly a gift from God for me. Thank you for your very generous gift of reconstruction. Our prayers and thenks are for you and your staff."
--N.H. November, 2005



"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and concern you have shown me during my surgery and recovery! The Lord truly blessed me when He placed all of you in my life."
--P.H. December, 2005



"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping not only J---- but us together as a family."
--J.M. December, 2005



"You have made a bad situation a positive one for me. We love you for your concern and compassion. Dr. Beckenstein, you are a wonderful doctor and have a great staff working for you. God bless you all!"
--S. H. December, 2005

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Office Address:
800 Saint Vincent's Dr.
Suite 610
Birmingham, AL 35205
Email Dr. Beckenstein
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