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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Alan Engler

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I scheduled quite a few consultations before choosing the doctor. After meeting Dr. Engler I knew he would be the one performing my surgery. He is simply an AMAZING doctor. First of all, he is very caring and patient. Second of all, Dr. Engler is a knowledgeable, professional and an experienced surgeon. During our first consultation he answered my questions. He explained in detail the procedure itself and also informed me about possible complications, something two other doctors I went to were not too eager to do. We kept in touch till the day of the surgery because I had additional questions that Dr. Engler gladly and very quickly answered via email. It's great to have a doctor that can be contacted easily and gets in touch with you as soon as possible. The day of the surgery was a breeze, however the next few days were a bit painful. After the surgery Dr. Engler called me many times to make sure that I was recovering well. I have to admit that was very impressive. It made me feel safe both because I wasn't left alone and Dr. Engler is a very gifted surgeon and a wonderful human being. I do recommend him to any woman considering breast augmentation surgery. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my surgery. What else can I tell you? I look AWESOME because Dr. Engler did a terrific job. Thank you for Dr. Engler. You are absolutely THE BEST!

To The Ricki Lake Show:

I've never written a letter like this before but I felt I had to tell you that your show has changed my life. All my adult life I Have felt very insecure about my appearance because of small breasts (36 minus A Ů I am indented). I don't think of myself as a vain person but this really made me feel bad about myself. Four years ago I saw Dr. Alan Engler on your show (The Ricki Lake Show) talking about plastic surgery. I have seen other shows about this topic, but Dr. Engler seemed like such a good doctor, as well as so warm and caring, that something just clicked with me. When I found out he was in New York, I called his office and made an appointment for a consultation. Well Ricki, Dr. Engler performed breast augmentation a few months ago and I have never been happier in my whole life! The surgery was hard, but Dr. Engler was there for me every step of the way. And now I have never felt better about myself and everyone says I'm like a different person. Ricki, I can't thank you enough for helping to change my life and I hope you will have Dr. Engler on again to help other people make this kind of change in their lives, too.

I am a 29 year old woman who recently underwent a breast augmentation surgery, and I am writing to thank you and your staff. You see, regretfully, before I was born there was a slight gravity problem in Heaven, and what should have been my natural full breasts dropped and shifted to the back. God and I agreed that he would get around to fixing things, but when I hit puberty, other world disasters and dreams diverted His attention, which is why He created men like Dr. Engler. Getting to the serious side, the hardest time I had with the entire process was finding a doctor who made me feel like a person and not just another procedure to be performed. I had another doctor picked out before going to see Dr. Engler but I decided to see him, and I couldn't be happier that I did. I could go into incredibly long stories explaining why I decided to have it done, but I will just say there were many. I am not an unattractive woman, I never had trouble attracting the opposite sex, so please let me define that it is not about men or any level of insecurity. It was the biggest, most selfish thing I have ever done, and I could not be happier! I went from an A cup to a full C. I was nervous before the surgery but Dr. Engler and his staff made me feel so secure in my desires that I felt instantly that everything would be all right. I think I fell asleep under anesthesia with a smile on my face. I am happy to say that Dr. Engler touched my heart. I have experienced various surgeries and never before has a doctor made so many follow-up calls, especially on a holiday weekend. I will forever hold him and his staff in my heart. They made my dreams come true and they did it with warmth and compassion that I was almost convinced has disappeared from healthcare long ago.

I was never really concerned with body image in my younger days. As a 38 year old mother of two that all changed. No matter how much time I spent in the gym, and how reasonable the rest of my me looked, the shape of my breasts would remain the same. It was very discouraging to say the least. I started to look into breast surgery procedures. What I encountered were some plastic surgeons who I felt did not care about me as a person. After hearing about Dr. Engler I decided to give his office a call. His staff was very friendly and encouraged me to come in for a consultation. During the consultation I knew that he was the surgeon for me. He was honest about the procedure itself, and about what the risks were. As it turned out I had a breast lift and implants. The day of the surgery Dr. Engler and his staff were supportive and understanding. Although the surgery was something I wanted for years, the actual day arrived and I was nervous. Dr. Engler talked to me about my concerns, and helped me feel at ease. I followed the instructions before and after the surgery, so the pain and discomfort were minimal. What happened after the procedure is priceless. Dr. Engler called me at home to make sure I was alright. The evening of the surgery and the days following I received a phone call from the actual doctor who performed the procedure to make sure I was fine. I was truly impressed. The end result is that I look great and feel wonderful. Thanks to Dr. Engler and his wonderful staff, I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Engler!

Dear Ricki,

I personally want to thank you for having Dr. Engler on your show, and I really hope you bring him back to change other people's lives the way he changed mine. You have no idea how happy I was the first time you had him on your show discussing breast surgeries and actually showing the before and after of the women who were there to receive the life altering surgery. It was as if you had heard my many prayers and knew of my dreams to be connected to a reputable surgeon. After viewing your show I was sure that I wanted him to be the surgeon to perform the surgery that I have wanted for at least 7 years Ů a breast reduction. From the first appointment with Dr. Engler, I felt he was the right one. Dr. Engler made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He was very professional and yet sweet. He answered all questions thoroughly. By the end of the appointment I was well informed, and 100% sure÷. No POSITIVE and confident that he would be the surgeon to perform the operation. On the days following the initial appointment I was contacted often by his staff to inquire about my well being and offering to answer any further questions I may have had. The surgery date has come and gone and, like expected, I am 110% happy with Dr. Engler's work, and the continued professionalism and concern for my health before, and after the surgery. Having Dr. Engler on your show was a blessing for me. I am feeling very well, I look much better, my clothes fit better, I am more confident in myself and my appearance and I would do it all over again. Dr. Engler has given me a new outlook on life!

I finally gave up with the personal trainer, starvation diet, going to the gym daily, etc., once I realized that the only way I could get the results I wanted was with a liposuction. I did some research, made a few appointments, met with a couple of doctors and eventually made my way to Dr. Engler. During our meeting, he made me feel like a person not just a patient who wanted to have surgery to look better. He took the time out to explain the entire concept of what liposuction was, its risks as well as its benefits and answered all my questions; one by one without hesitation. He suggested that I have liposuction of the stomach, hips and thighs to make my body look even. I had seen enough doctors so that I scheduled my surgery without a second thought. It was worth it 100%. Dr. Engler was there during the surgery and through the healing; not only as a doctor but as the moral support every patient needs during this time. I see a different person in the mirror. I feel like Cinderella as silly as it might sound, but the feeling is wonderful. Thank you for making a difference in my life.

This man is a genius. I'll admit I'm a bit of a perfectionist and before choosing a doctor to perform my breast augmentation I thoroughly researched all the doctors in Manhattan and sought out the best. After narrowing down my search to the top plastic surgeons in Manhattan, I scheduled my consultations before picking a doctor. Dr. Engler was clearly the right choice. His superior level of experience and expertise was evident from the very beginning. He patiently and honestly answered all my questions and eased my concerns. Unlike most surgeons, he actually has a great personality too! He and his lovely staff run a very smooth office and make you feel at ease. I am absolutely ecstatic about my results and have eagerly recommended him to all my friends.

I am a 42 year old wife and mother of two. Up until a few weeks ago, my bra size was 40 DDD/E. I've suffered years of back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as rashes. I tried seeing a breast reduction in the past but no one was sympathetic to my situation. I spent lots of years taking injections to reduce the swelling in my neck and shoulder. As far as my medical doctor was concerned, she simply told me to go to a back specialist. Thanks to Dr. Engler, I am now wearing a 38C. I am so happy. The nurses and staff at Montefiore Medical Center, where I had my breast reduction, are a wonderful group of people. Dr. Engler couldn't have picked a better hospital to be affiliated with. As for me, now I can stand up straight as well as see my feet. I have always loved myself, but now I really feel good about myself. Now my top fits my bottom, and it's much easier to shop for myself. I can go on and on, but I must end this letter. Again, I want to thank you and let you know how you touch people.

After having my daughter over 7 years ago, I had learned to both ignore and deal with the fact that I had lost so much of my breast size as a result of the pregnancy and nursing, approximately two cup sizes to be exact. I researched and bought natural herbs and even spoke to both nutritionists and Chinese herbalists to see what I could possibly do. However, after trying for almost 3 years, I realized that I had to either accept my current state or have breast augmentation. I was never a person who ever thought I would want or even that I could be courageous enough to choose surgery. I watched the clips of him on television and saw him explaining each woman's particular specifics as to why he thought sizing and shaping was right for them. I was able to recognize the amount of consideration and true desire to help them achieve their best possible goals, and what stood out was the fact that he put their happiness and satisfaction first. It was about them, not him. He was able to use his expertise and knowledge, combined with their personal input to achieve the best results. I was extremely impressed at his level of detail as well as his really nice, open personality. I made an appointment to see Dr. Engler, and he guided me into the best result for me. He understood my unwillingness to do a breast lift and said he would do the best he could to give me a good result. I am now fully restored to both the size I had been since a young teenager, and to the person I fully need to always be. I find him to be a real gift to women in particular. My feeling is that this is something he is meant to do, that is why he does it so well. He offers this gift of capability and compassion to women as a service for their true good. I cannot be more thankful to Dr. Engler, and I tell him so whenever I can.

Dear Ricki,

I just wanted to thank you for your show on plastic surgery. I also would like to thank you for having Dr. Alan Engler, Plastic Surgeon on the show as well. I certainly hope to see Dr. Engler on the show again. He is a fantastic surgeon, and the two of you have inspired and encouraged me to make a change in my life. I've had problems with my extremely large breast size since my early teens. My breast size caused neck, back, and shoulder pain. But the pain was both physical and mental. I'd endured nasty remarks about my breast size throughout my life. I'd contemplated having a breast reduction for years, but after watching your show, I made the decision to consult with Dr. Engler. Dr. Engler and his staff made this stressful decision very easy. He was very encouraging and easy to talk to! He understood my pain and made me feel comfortable. He explained the procedure and answered every question I had. His staff was very helpful and accommodating. I'd realized immediately that I'd made the right choice about seeing Dr. Engler and I decided to have him perform my surgery. I was very nervous and scared in the hospital but when I saw Dr. Engler he put me at ease. He was very personable and professional. The hospital staff comforted me the whole time I was there. After I went home, Dr. Engler called me to make sure I was doing fine. It's now been several weeks since my surgery. I am so happy with the results. My clothes fit better and the pain in my neck and back has vanished! Shopping is now a simple task. I can even get the sexy Victoria Secret bras now. I cant' wait to begin exercises I could not do previously. So thank you again, Ricki. Your show led me to Dr. Engler, and I am so very grateful to you both because now finally, I am happy.

I had been thinking about having breast augmentation for a few years, and I finally decided now was the time. My mom and I did some research on Dr. Engler, as well as other plastic surgeons, and we decided to go see him. I knew after the initial consultation that he was the doctor I was going to pick, and picking Dr. Engler was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Engler is one of the most wonderful, not only doctors, but people whom I've ever met. My surgery was performed on the day of a huge snowstorm. Dr. Engler called me the day before to confirm that I wanted to have it done. Dr. Engler was most helpful in not only assisting me with the hotel reservations, but he, himself, stayed over in Manhattan the night before just so he could do my surgery. Dr. Engler and his nurse Jen, who by the way, came in all the way from Long Island to assist in the surgery, were there to greet me and my mom. The surgery went well. The next few days were a bit uncomfortable but Dr. Engler called me twice a day to see how I was doing. This was one of the finest gestures any doctor could ever do for a patient. Several months have now gone by and I am not only well, but I'm looking great. I am extremely happy with my new outward appearance, and I have more self confidence as well. Thank you!

Alan Engler, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Office Address:
122 E. 64th Street
New York, NY 10065
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